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Why Insure

Life can sometimes be a risky business.

The pleasure of owning beautiful artwork, precious jewellery, or a collectible car also comes with the misfortune of damage, theft, or loss — putting you at financial risk for the value of your investment.  Insurance removes that risk by transferring the financial impact to a third party.  All insurance relies on this basic premise.  By transferring your risk, you gain peace of mind that should an unfortunate incident occur, you are covered and protected under your Asegurnet insurance policy.

The same is true for Personal Accident (PA) insurance.  In the daily course of living, working and enjoying life, accidents happen.  Your loved ones will be protected from the financial devastation that can occur when a loss of income impacts their lives.

When you pay an insurance premium, the policy covers the individual, or their valued possessions in the unfortunate event of a loss.  Under a policy contract, all the variables of risk stated in the agreement are financially reimbursed at the time of a loss — this includes loss of possessions or life.

Our policies are underwritten by the world’s prominent specialty insurance markets including Lloyd’s of London,— a premiere institution with a 325 year reputation of dedicated service.