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Asegurnet Coverage

The artist whose work has been stolen most often — Pablo Picasso.

While theft may be a concern, most often in private art collections damage and restoration issues are more likely.  We can help you protect your valuable private Fine Art, Jewellery, & Valued Collections with a policy tailored to meet your insurance needs.

Investments in art reflect a passion to hold, treasure and enjoy works of beauty.  Private collections represent patrimony, a gift that that can be passed onto future generations.

By insuring your Fine Art, Jewellery, & Valued Collections you transfer the risk of financial loss through insurance to a leading insurer.  This protective action will provide you, the insured, access to restoration, recovery and other premier claims services that support the custodial responsibilities of ownership and preserve your multi-generational patrimony.

We insure antique car collections, paintings, sculptures, fine rugs, jewellery, fine watches, manuscripts, antique family heirlooms and more.

What are the policy benefits of Fine Art, Jewellery & Valued Collections Insurance?

  • All Risk Coverage
  • Agreed Values Basis
    • – Values for each scheduled item are submitted and agreed by Underwriters
    • – Values and descriptions are scheduled at the start of the policy period and may be updated at any time during the term
    • – If a loss occurs, you receive payment at the pre-agreed value
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Competitive Policy Rates
  • Global coverage extending to multiple property locations
  • The most comprehensive worldwide coverage available in comparison to home country offerings
  • Access to The Art Loss Register (ALR), the world’s largest database of only international stolen art

What is covered under my All-Risk insurance policy?

  • Accidental Damage
  • Mysterious Disappearance
  • Theft
  • Restoration Expenses and Loss in value as a result of restoration
  • Pairs and Set coverage (if one item is lost, both are covered)
  • Loss In-Transit — providing coverage “Nail to Nail”
  • New Acquisitions