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How do I make a claim?

If a loss occurs, “Notice of Loss” is made by the policy holder and a claim form is completed and submitted to Asegurnet to confirm important information about the loss.  Based on the insured values and the facts surrounding the loss, a police report may be required and a Loss Adjustor may be engaged by Underwriters obtain additional information.   You should always contact your agent as soon as possible in the event of a loss.

What would not be included as part of my insurance policy?

Standard policy exclusions include:

  • Loss or damage caused by or resulting from — natural aging, gradual deterioration, inherent defect, rust, oxidation, moth or vermin
  • Electrical or mechanical fault or breakdown
  • War, invasion, other acts of civil unrest; confiscation, nationalization, requisition, destruction under government order
  • Ionizing radiation or other contamination
  • Loss or damage in an unattended vehicle

Please keep in mind, that other limitations may be noted in your policy.

How important is “good title” for my fine art in obtaining an insurance policy?

The provenance of your artwork and “good title” are important aspects of providing accurate valuations for your policy; they are important in substantiating a claim.  Review your records at the time of purchase for this documentation, or contact the gallery or artist from whom you purchased the work of art.

How often should I have my Fine Art or Valuable Collections appraised?

Current appraisals support the Agreed Value for items you seek to insure.

What happens in the event of a theft?

Contact your broker immediately to make notification of a theft.  Coverage for loss exists.

Stolen items are insured at the Agreed Values.

Would my policy cover any damage that a guest in my home might cause?

Yes, damage is covered.

How do I get an Asegurnet policy quote?

To request a Quote, please complete and submit the Fine Arts, Jewellery and Valued Collections Application along with the inventory of items. We will contact you within 48 hours to present a quote to you, provided that all required, key information has been provided to us.

Will I be covered automatically once I submit my application?

No.  Coverage will be confirmed to you via email once the application is approved.  Your annual premium must be paid in full within 14 days.

How do I pay the premium?

Pay via wire transfer or US bank check sent via courier.

What insurer issues the coverage?

Policies are underwritten by the world’s largest specialty insurance market, Lloyd’s of London, with a 325 year reputation of dedicated service.

Can the premium be paid monthly?

No.  Your premium is payable on an annual basis only.

If I cancel my Fine Art, Jewellery, & Valued Collections policy mid-term, is the premium refunded?

Yes, premium is refunded on a pro-rata basis for early termination.

Is coverage automatically renewed?

Yes, upon receipt of your instructions and the premium it renews within 14 days of the policy  renewal date.