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Asegurnet PA Coverage

Accidents are a leading cause of death and the unexpected nature of these tragedies cause financial hardship:

  • Injuries kill 5 million people each year
  • Road traffic injuries are among the top 10 leading causes of death worldwide
  • Young adults aged between 15 and 44 years account for 59% of global road traffic deaths
  • 77% road deaths are among men

(Source: World Health Organization)

Personal Accident insurance (PA) pays a US dollar cash benefit in the event of the Accidental Death or Total Permanent Disablement of the Named Insured, and it pays a full or partial benefit in the event of dismemberment, loss of vision or loss of hearing because of an accident.

PA is an affordable, worldwide supplement to life insurance. It is highly cost effective and requires no medical underwriting or complicated application. PA insurance is important because it closes the coverage gaps left by other insurance coverage programs such as Life, Health and Disability.

Coverage under a PA policy includes:

  • Death resulting from an accident
  • Dismemberment from an accident
  • Loss of sight or loss of limb or loss of use from an accident
  • Disappearance — if the insured person is not found within 12 months of his/her disappearance, and it is reasonable to believe that he or she has died as a result of bodily injury
  • Accidents arising from War and/or Malicious Acts: Bodily injury or Death sustained as a result of war or civil unrest

Schedule of Coverage

  • Death due to Accident: 100%
  • Loss of sight in both eyes: 100%
  • Loss of two or more limbs: 100%
  • Loss of sight in one eye and loss of one limb: 100%
  • Loss of sight in one eye: 50%
  • Loss of one limb: 50%
  • Permanent and Total Disablement 100% (optional coverage)